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I have always loved drawing as a young boy.  In high school, my curriculum was always full of as many Art classes as I could fit in!  If it was up to me, every period would have been an Art class with Mrs. Pettit.  I could never get enough!   I loved Acrylics, Pen & Ink, Pencil, Charcoal, Pastels, Ceramics, and Scratch Board!

In college, the romance with Art continued.  More Instruction, more knowledge, and I produced a great deal of Art that provided for me, the ability to pay my way through my first two years of college.  I dreamed of making Art my profession, but I was encouraged to seek another path.  I use to wonder what it would be like to make a living selling my Art in shows, going town to town. Maybe, I would have been just another starving artist in the pack?  However at this stage of my life, the Dream has never been so alive!

I enjoyed a 41 year career, mostly in the Allied Healthcare field, and have owned many businesses, and always kept very busy.  I have a serious passion for working hard, and helping others wherever I can.  I am the Poster Child for If You Want Something Bad Enough, You Can Have It, If You Work Hard...  During that time, I often took instruction and studied various mediums to learn, and produce Art.  It was my "excuse" for producing Art, I guess.  I have studied Stained Glass Windows and Lamps and Glass Fusion.  I spent a couple of years training under Larry Casso, at the Baton Rouge School of Fine Arts, learning the Old Masters Techniques.  I carved ducks with former National Carving Champion, Don Nacquin.  Most of my stuff went to family and friends.  Some, I still have on a shelf at our home. I have also designed a few Cross Stitch Patterns, and even illustrated a Cookbook. I have done multiple Commission pieces as well, upon request.

I grew up in South Jersey, attended college in Minnesota, then moved to New Orleans, where my work took me.  My love for the South continues to be strong today.  You will see its influence, and my affection in my Art for sure.  

The Midwest gave me the love and attraction to farms and the beauty of an old barn that has so many stories to tell, if we listen.  New Jersey and the Midwest also gave me the colors of the changing seasons...and I like that!

Today, my wife and I make our home in Springfield, Illinois.  We have two beautiful daughters who have beautiful families.  We enjoy their accomplishments, and the most beautiful grandchildren they have given us. Family is very precious to me.  I am blessed not only by my family, but having such good friends supporting me in my life, especially in this time. None of this would ever be remotely possible without their continual love and support! You all know who you are!

To be at this stage of my life, and to have the time to produce and sell my Art, is very special!  And now, I have a way to offer it on a larger scale!   I am pleased to offer TONYRUBBA ART not only from this website, but also through numerous social platforms such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Amazon, Instagram, local Market Places, and a couple Art Galleries.

Making Art is a Journey.  Learning new techniques, being influenced by other artists, helps us to continually evolve through our Journey. Taking pieces of technique from one here and one there...Making art is not a competition with other artists, but a competition with one's self to master expressing our feelings and message to our viewers.  If we don't continue to fail, we will never change, never improve.  I can tell you I am enjoying this Journey immensely!  Never stop your hunger to learn new things.

For me, hearing other artist's feedback validates my efforts.  They know the struggles and levels of difficulty that all artists face in creating a piece.  To have my work "liked" by another artist, for me, is the highest compliment I could hope for.

I sincerely hope that you like some of my work.  And, it would help me immensely if you would tell others about my Art by Liking, Sharing, and continuing to support this website.  If nothing else, just stop by once in a while.  If I could share a cup of coffee with you, through it, I would.

Also please... let me know what you would like to see more of in here,  and I will do my best to include it for you.

Thank You!

"May it please The Lord, Light of all things, To show me the Way, So that I may Paint light worthily" ___ Leonardo Da Vinci


Propeller Magazine, Volume 74, Issue 6, November/December 2020, American Power Boat Association (APBA.ORG), Page 4.. Painting: Southern Comfort